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          Terms of warraty

          M2T lmited liablity company limited partnership with its registered office in Złotniki, address: Złotniki 1, Krzemowa 1 street, 62-002 Suchy Las, entered into the Registered of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register kept by the District Court Poznań – Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań, VIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under KRS number: 0000635313, NIP: 9721241282, REGON: 302263450 ( hereinafter: „M2T”), provides its customers (distributors, resellers and / or end users) (hereinafter „Customer”) GUARANTEE under the conditions described in this document.

          1. Warranty Period
            1. M2T ensures good quality and efficient operation of products covered by these warranty conditions. The standard warranty period device is:
              1. Mobile terminals - 12 months.
              2. Mobile printers - 12 months.
              3. Accessories, other - 6 months.
              4. Batteries for mobile terminals and mobile printers - 6 months.
            2. For its validty, this warranty requires a correctly and timely paid invoice for the device.
          2. Scope of protection and warrant conditions
            1. M2T guarantees that the Equipment purchased by the Customer is free from manufacturing or material defects arising from causes inherent in this Equipment (hereinafter: „Defect”), which will be revealed within the period specified in these Warranty Terms.
            2. If a Product Defect is revealed during the Warranty Period, it will be removed at the expense of M2T in a manner dependent on the nature of the defect, on tge terms and to the extent specified in these Warranty Terms
            3. M2T undertakes to remove the Defect by carrying out a free repair or replacement of the Device.
            4. M2T undertakes to remove the fault at the M2T Service Center covered by this warranty, within 14 days from the time of notification. The fault is removed on buisness days, during service hours, i.e. between 8:00 and 17:00.
            5. The defective device must be delivered to the M2T Service Center at its own expense.
          3. Service request procedure
            1. The conditio for starting the service is reporting a repair by completing the service request form (RMA) available at rma.m2t.com.pl
            2. Prior to delivery of the device to the M2T Service Center, the claimant is obliged to contact the service to verify the actual hardware damage of the device by technical Staff who will help solve the problem or confirm the need to transfer the device to the M2T Service Center.
            3. The intervention of the repair serivce will take place on the basis of an electronic notification submitted by the RMA form on the M2T notification service made available to the Applicant via a web browser. The M2T notification service is available 24/7/365 and will record all events related to notifications and actions taken during the repair of a specific Device. The applicant will have access to full information on the given Device and its repairs. In the event uf unavailability of the M2T notification service, an electronic notifcation may be sent by e-mail: serwis@m2t.com.pl, containing information about the serial number of the Device a found fault .
            4. The Guarantor is not responsible for any damage caused during transport to the Website.
            5. If warranty services are provided at the installation site, the claimant shall report the damage by phone or in writing on thr Website toghether with the contact person’s details in order to obtain further information regarding the damage.
            6. The Guarantor will make every effort to eliminate the defect within 14 buisness days.
            7. The Guarantor reserves the right to extend the above deadline in justified cases by providing replacement equiment for the time of repair .
            8. The Guarantor reserves the right to charge the person entilted to the warranty for maintenance and transport costs if the damage was not covered by the warranty or the device turned out to be functional
            9. The Guaranor is not responsible for the loss and reproduction of software or data. The holder of the warranty is recommented to regularly make backup copies of the software and data to protect against loss as a result of damage to the device.
            10. Parts and devices replaced by the Guarantor become its property.
          4. Exemptions
            1. The condition to use these Warranty Conditions is:
              1. using the Device for its intended purpose as well as proper maintenance of the Device;
              2. no interference with the Device by unauthorized persons;
            2. The guarantee granted by M2T does not cover:
              1. Defects resulting from reasons other than those inherent in the Device;
              2. Defects resulting from incorrect use, carelessness, accidental damage to the Device, inadequate voltage o rany changes that affect the device’s malfunction and which have been repaired by unauthorized persons
              3. Mechanica, thermal, chemical, corrosion, other damages caused by the User’s negligence or caused by external forces (which include in particular lightning strikes, voltage surges, all types of plumbing failures etc.), and also resulting from the entry of dirt or foreign bodies into the Device.
              4. Discoloration of the device or its individual parts;